Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Empty Nester

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, I've had my parents here visiting, which has been lovely, and it kept me very busy! They flew home yesterday and now I think I've had a small taste of what an empty nest feels like. After they left the house felt so quiet and I was left feeling so depressed. But I'm feeling a little better today and I now have some fond memories to look back on with my family. 
 My mom and I were hoping to spend most of our time during their visit drinking cups of tea and watching Jane Austen movies while working on sewing or knitting projects. But we ended up only getting to sneak in one pot and Pride & Prejudice, we ended up being much busier then I'd planned!
 I was able to help mom start on her first sock and she did a really good job! I also started on a sock with some new yarn I bought at our local yarn shop I took my mom to. (I'll post more about that later)

While they were here we took them to lunch at Fall's Cottage which was really yummy and lovely.
{photo taken by my mom}
And for a lovely walk through Fall's park. This is one of the prettiest parks ever, I think.
{photo taken by my mom}

We also took them to a Confederate museum which was really interesting. I didn't get any pictures there but it was pretty cool. 
But now it's back to ordinary life. It was a lovely visit and I hope maybe someday they will get to come back again. Now I just have Christmas to look forward to when we get to go back to Oregon and visit family! I can hardly wait.
How was your week?
♥ Anna


  1. That park is so beautiful!! and Im SO EXCITED for you to visit Oregon!! I miss you so much :)

    1. Isn't it lovely? There is the coolest tree there with it's roots all exposed that reminds me of something out of Lord of the Rings...I will try to remember my camera next time I'm there and get a photo!
      I can't wait to visit either! Although 'visit' sounds weird. More like I can't wait to come home! ;) I miss you too love.

    2. Oooh that sounds lovely! AND we need to skype this weekend! Steve and I want to “see“ you and Britton! maybe Saturday if you are free... LOVE

    3. Yes yes yes! We need to "see" you too! Saturday would be grand!