Thursday, May 17, 2012

♥ Welcome ♥

Lately I've been ready for a change. I have been blogging for several years and enjoyed it, but over the past couple years I have seemed to fade in and out, almost feeling as though I didn't fit in the mold I felt my blogs had become. I know I am the one to set that mold and I can easily break it and start fresh, but I felt with my life changing in so many ways, getting married and moving across the country has changed some of my interests and the things I value most in life, and I was ready for a new and fresh start. 
So here I am, a new fresh blog for a fresh new start. I have a feeling this is where I will stay, in my beloved little willow nest.
You may wonder about the name "The Willow Nest" and where it came from? Is it random or does it actually mean something? Well, there actually is a little story behind it.
When I was a little girl we took a road trip across the country and while we were traveling (and I was feeling a bit homesick) I drew a picture of our weeping willow tree with our tire swing in it and titled it 'Home'. I remember how I loved being under that willow tree, I loved swinging on the tire swing and dreaming my girlish dreams. It was the most at home my little 9 year old self felt anywhere. From that memory came the idea of a nest made of willow branches, all those girlish dreams wrapped up into who I am today. A more grown up version of the little 9 year old daydreamer who is still deep inside me. 'The Willow Nest' just seems to fit who I am, have always been, and always will be. An imaginative dreamer who loves adventure, but will always be happiest at home.
This online place is where I would love to share with you what I cherish in life, be it a newly knitted sock, fresh baked cookies, a family outing, or a quote or shopping find. I hope you'll feel at home, grab a cup of your favorite tea and stay awhile. There's always room for new friends! Bring some with you if you like!
♥ Anna


  1. Hello Friend!
    What a lovely little story about you. =]
    It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy!
    I am looking forward to "the next chapter" of your blogging adventure.
    I miss you! Hope you're having a lovely week. =]