Monday, July 30, 2012


I know I haven't posted in over a week, life has been busy! But in a good way. I have been getting some sewing done and lots of house cleaning and organizing which is so nice. I finally got my sewing room set up in a way I really like, I just need to finish a bit more organizing in there and then I will take some pictures to share.
One thing I've noticed around our house is the lack of decoration, and although I normally like things to be simple and not have too much stuff out, it definitely needs some touches. My brilliant husband had the idea to hang strings with clothespins in my sewing room that I can clip inspiring pictures onto to give a bit of color and fill some space but also serve a purpose. He's so clever! :) I love my wall hanging! 
We went to a summer BBQ and I made a gluten free peach crisp...this is the first time I've done it with fresh peaches...and oh man it was yummy! 

 Even though it's been July and really hot outside...I have been in this Christmas mood. Which is so weird for me! But I started making some Christmas ornaments for my shop. Little elf stockings are in progress. I kind of love them. :)
 We went to Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday so I needed an easy project for the car that didn't involve too much pattern reading (I can't read in the car) so I started the Abalone cardigan which was perfect! I also decided Box Bags are my new favorite thing. So nice to have on your lap in the car to keep your yarn handy and then just tuck your knitting all safe and sound inside.
While we were in Atlanta we visited Ikea and bought a duvet cover. I really really love it. (And yes, those are more clothespins above our bed)
Here is my Abalone progress so far. I didn't get as much done as I thought I would on the long car ride, but I'm still excited about how much I did get done!
How was your weekend?
♥ Anna


  1. Things I love...

    a) That Abalone cardigan. If I promise to be very very sweet can I have one? :D
    b) Peach crisp. I must have that recipe!
    c) Your clever husband (clothespins are brilliant).
    d) Box bags. Steven has already been informed I need one for my birthday... and also a knitting needle case that fits my brushes... :D
    e) Monday Blog posts that get me through the piles of laundry and dishes I let accumulate over the weekend
    f) Elf shoe Christmas ornaments. You are so CREATIVE.
    g) The Harry Potter themed Thanksgiving we are going to have. (I know it has nothing to do with your post but Im just SO EXCITED about it :D)
    h) All the things we are going to talk about tomorrow during our coffee date
    i) YOU :)

    Love you! Thanks for another wonderful post!

    1. Ella,
      a) YES I would love to make you one!! (do you want this or the other sweater I showed you or both?? heehee)
      b) the recipe is coming! (the goal is tomorrow's post)
      c) Yes he is clever isn't he!?
      d) They are the BEST! What color do you want? :)
      e) I'm glad I'm not the only one who's Monday looks like this haha
      f) why thank you *blush*
      g) It will be SO amazing!! I seriously can't wait!!
      h) I can't wait for this either. Seriously...I miss you so much!
      i) and I love you too. :)
      ♥ Anna