Monday, September 10, 2012

good morning

This morning I turned the heater on, is this a sign of Fall coming? Perhaps. Or perhaps it means we blast the air conditioning too much. But either way it's nice to feel the heat take off the chill in the morning. This morning I'm enjoying a cup of ginger tea (brewed by my sweet husband) and I thought I'd show you what I've been up to lately.
 I'm still working away at my Fireside sweater. I now only have the sleeves left before I seam it all together and add buttons and wear it! But for some reason I keep making mistakes on the first sleeve and end up having to rip it out. I'm hoping this time I've got it right.
I've also been playing around with texture patterns, I did this arrow one based on the Pow Wow quilt last night and I really like it. It's going to be a washcloth. But mostly it's just a test knit to see how the pattern looks. Maybe I'll work it into a pattern for something later.
 I also sketched out plans to make myself Pow Wow quilt which I will hopefully be starting in October. I am doing a quilt along with my friend Sheralynn. I'm excited!
I've got a whole pile of projects I'm working on that need finishing up, but I'm mainly focusing on my sweater so I can get it done to wear as soon as the weather turns cold enough! 
How was your weekend?
♥ Anna


  1. I simply adore the soft orange of the washcloth and the pattern is just brilliant! I want one :D
    My weekend was spent PACKING. but it is such a relief to get a lot of stuff packed and go through our stuff and get rid of the unnecessary things :) Now today I have two paintings to finish before we move and then I have to pack up my painting stuff until we make the move...
    I cant wait until I get to see you and share a cup of ginger tea :)

    1. I'm glad you were able to get some packing done!! Before you know it you will be all done and soon you will be unpacking in your new home and it will be so lovely!
      And ginger tea is a must. I'll add it to the list...the one I really should make. ;)

  2. Lovely photos!
    I adore your washcloth pattern! So pretty and genius.
    Ooh! Your sweater is getting sooo close. I'm going to be so jealous when I see you wearing it. But more proud because I have such a talented friend.
    Can't wait to see your quilt as well. Love the colors you chose.

    We had a relaxing weekend camping!!

    1. Camping sounds lovely! And I wouldn't say I'm that you know how many times I've ripped the sleeve back out because I made a mistake? Well, we wont go there.
      Love you! ♥

  3. P.S. I've been drinking lots of ginger tea as well. Yum! LieslMade just posted a recipe for ginger tea using fresh ginger.


    1. Mmm we make it with fresh ginger root too! I say "we" but I mean Britton. :P haha He always makes it for me. But I could make it if he wasn't here to do it. ;)

  4. Cozy post! Sweaters and ginger tea and chilly days for fireside chatting, here we come! ..or heater-side. That works too. =]

    I can't wait until your sweater is finished! It's going to be so beautiful! And you in it!

    I love the pow wow washcloth. You are so creative to be able to just figure it out like that! Wow.

  5. You have inspired me to graph out a pattern! Thanks for the inspiration.