Monday, September 17, 2012

the weekend

We had a pretty relaxing weekend here. My husband and I are both fighting colds, his is worse than mine, so we have been drinking lots of medicinal tea and taking lots of vitamins. I made quite a bit of progress on my Fireside sweater sleeve which is exciting! No mishaps yet! Maybe I will actually get to wear it this Fall! How crazy would that be!?
I also did more destashing and organizing. I went through all of my buttons and picked out all the ones I love and sorted them into this button box and I'm getting rid of the rest. It feels so good to downsize and keep what I love and will use and not have all the extra stuff cluttering up my space and making me less inspired. Now I look at this box and can't wait to make something.
 I also finished winding and organizing all my embroidery floss! I'm so happy to have this done! And another area of clutter turned into order. :)

We also went to the library and I got this awesome book, Mochimochi, which has the cutest tiny knitted things in it! Gnomes! Reindeers!? Oh my goodness. And on the way home from the library we stopped at Sonic and got celebration ice cream and brought it home and covered it with sprinkles. I have a bit of a sprinkle addiction! Thank you Three Spinsters for these awesome sprinkles. They were awesome...and they are gone now. :)
How was your weekend?

PS I will announce the giveaway winner tomorrow morning!


  1. Ha ha! Gone already? :) Glad you liked them!

    Glad you are feeling a little better!

    1. Yes they are gone! I am living in a sprinkleless house! This is not good...I almost bought some Halloween sprinkles the other day just because I wanted some so bad! haha