Monday, September 24, 2012

the weekend

It has been a long, humid summer. Especially for some one who isn't used to humidity and grew up near the mountains where the air cools down at night to the point you need a sweatshirt, but can be back up to the 90's or 100's the next day. There was always that cool break in the evening though. Not here. But Fall is on it's way here in South Carolina. Yesterday my husband and I spent the afternoon at the park and the air was so perfectly cool and crisp yet not cold. I felt like my lungs hadn't had fresh air in forever! It was bliss. We took a small picnic and just spent some time lounging and reading and I did some knitting. It was lovely.
This morning it's chilly and really does feel like Fall. I am excited to be able to wear sweaters again. Speaking of sweaters! Look at what is nearly done!
In this picture the seams aren't finished and I just laid the sleeve there to see how it looked but now they are all attached! All that's left is the other sleeve and I am experimenting with adding some ribbing to the bottom because I don't like how short it is one me. But otherwise I love it!

I finished the last Harry Potter book this past week! I started the series for the first time in June and they were SO good. I can't believe I waited so long to read them. You were right Becks! ;) So now I have end of a series syndrome and I can't find anything as good to read. There is just something so charming about them. I love everything from the friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione, right down to Mrs. Weasley's hand knit sweaters. Any book that mentions both tea and knitting has to be a winner, right? ;)

This weekend we also enjoyed some gluten free sugar cookies and my husband made this amazing chai from scratch. It was so yummy! He's pretty amazing. :)

How was your weekend?
♥ Anna