Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tea for Two

My teapot has gotten more use over the past two weeks than it has in the entire time I've owned it. (which is a little over a year, it was a wedding gift from my mom) It makes me quite happy. I drink a lot of tea but I rarely make a whole pot for just me, and my husband and I usually just put our own teabag in our own mugs and that's that. I think I will change this habit though, because it is such a nice pause in life's busyness to put the kettle on, fill up the tea pot and then carefully pour it into a cup and add milk and sugar to perfection. There's something therapeutic about it. It's like slowing time down for a moment.
My dear friend Ella came for a visit over the past two weeks and we drank loads of tea and worked on projects, had movie marathons and did photo shoots. (I will share photos soon!)
It was a fun time! There is something so special about time with a good friend. Even if you aren't talking, just sitting and working on something and knowing there is some one there to listen should you have something to say, is such a great comfort. And somehow I always seem to get more work done on projects when there is some one else working on something with me. I feel more inspired and more motivated. Now if only she weren't 460 miles away.
This week I'm excited to get ready for the holidays, thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans and working on Christmas presents. I'm also deliberating recovering our couch and have a head full of decorating ideas for our home. I haven't really decorated since we've lived here, thinking it would be more temporary. But I've decided temporary or not, life should be pretty. So there is that ahead of me. Have any of you ever recovered a couch? What are some of your favorite ways to decorate and make your home feel more homey?
I hope you're all having a lovely week!
♥ Anna


  1. Having a friend come visit is such a wonderful time! We had a friend and her two little girls come visit a couple weeks ago and we had such a wonderful time!

    Oh, share some of your decorating, please! I'm very much looking forward to decorating a house of my own someday!

  2. They were simply a most wonderful, inspiring and magical two weeks :) And here I am with my own pot of tea and I realize just how much I miss our mornings together!! You make the best tea :) You also inspire me to be creative and Im really not doing well on my own today hehe
    I have no idea about recovering a couch but I did find this http://www.honeybearlane.com/2011/06/how-to-make-a-couch-slipcover-part-1.html
    I found out yesterday that a friend of Steves coworker is getting reassigned and she has a matching couch and loveseat in really good condition that she will give us both for 100!!!!! So excited to have furniture!! I think theyre either a greyish green or a greyish brown... but at this point I really dont care :) I plan on highlighting the room with black and silver picture frames and then mint green (Im not obsessed with it or anything....) and bright yellow throw pillows! What color are you thinking about recovering your couch?

  3. Comfortable silence with a friend is a rare and precious gift. And so is a totem in your day. (Totem: one that serves as an emblem or revered symbol) I've been working on creating mine. Stopping once everyday and taking that moment to breath and relax and honor your day is needed for everyone but rare actually do this. It helps so much with stress. I love you dear sister! I wish that I could come sit and have tea with you...