Monday, November 19, 2012

this and that

I love Oregon Chai. It's like a little bit of home that warms you right to the heart. I miss Oregon so much and I was so excited when I first discovered Oregon Chai on the shelf in a local grocery store. One must support one's home state, right? I'm looking forward to going back to my snowy mountains and pine forests and fresh clear air over Christmas. I can hardly wait! But for now, I sip some chai and dream.
While my friend Ella was here we made inspiration notebooks to keep ideas for projects, Etsy, blogging, etc in. It is so much more inspiring to keep ones thoughts in a pretty way rather than just jotting things down on a piece of notebook paper. Doodles and stamps make everything more inspiring, don't you think?
I also have found a new addiction in stamping. I've been having fun making little note cards and decorating mailers for my shop. Stamps are so cute these days! I got a fun set of woodland stamps that just melt my heart.
This week I'm planning on starting Christmas presents and getting ready for Thanksgiving. What are your plans for the holiday?
♥ Anna


  1. For the holidays steve and i plan on visiting some amazing couple friends of ours! ;) SO EXCITED FOR PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE!! And then for christmas we are going to spend christmas eve and morning just the two of us and then drive up to my aunts house with tessa for christmas dinner :)

  2. I love your cards and would love to see a tutorial! Please