Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Making

 I have been making Christmas presents like crazy, trying to get them all done before we head home for Christmas so I can relax during our trip and just enjoy being home. I had *hints* by two of my fairy nieces for knitted Fairy Dolls like I made their cousins for Christmas last year so I have started those.
I felt so cozy tucked away in bed yesterday watching Emma and knitting away. And can we talk about Emma for a moment? I had only seen this adaption once before and really hated it. But after watching it again, I actually quite fell in love with it. There are times it's annoying, and Ramola Garai almost makes me dislike Emma...but then I remembered, wasn't Jane Austen herself trying to write a character that no one would like? And Ramola does a great job of making you dislike her at first and then warm up to her in the end. Not to mention the music is incredible. I would love the soundtrack. Now I'm really in the mood to read the book! Oh if only I weren't in the middle of the longest book in the world!

I've also been busy making little woodland animals for my nieces and nephew. This little fox is the first. More are in the works! :)

Yesterday my husband and I had a blood test done *shudder*. I hate needles. :P But my husband was the sweetest and took me to get some hot chocolate and coffee cake to make it better, and it almost took all the pain away. ;) Seriously though, I think I'm the worst at this sort of thing. My husband didn't feel anything and has no sign of anything out of the ordinary. I definitely felt it and have a bruise that still hurts. What's with that?

Okay, enough of my whining. ;) How has your week been so far? Are you making any presents for Christmas? Do you have any fun holiday plans?
♥ Anna

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  1. That fox is really cute! I realized the other day that I only have one completely finished gift, so I really need to go shopping! I'm only making a couple of gifts, and they shouldn't take me too long... After my Eowyn vest is done. :)

    I really like that version of Emma. Have you watched any of the Elementary television show? The guy who plays Mr Knightly is Sherlock Holmes in that show. It's a lot of fun!