Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tidying Up

January went by so quickly! I had this moment yesterday where I was looking at a coupon that started February 1, thinking I couldn't use it yet, then suddenly realized it had been February for three days! How did that sneak past me!?
Well, I hope the start to your year has been lovely. We have been having pretty warm weather off and on which has been so nice! We went for a hike one Sunday with family, I'm looking forward to more hiking this summer!

All of this warm weather has put me into a spring cleaning mood. I started decluttering my entire house. I have been wanting to read this book for quite awhile and after being tired of waiting for my turn from the library and amazon being sold out at the time I found it while grocery shopping and nabbed it because I'm a serious organizing book nerd. Seriously, as a teenager I used to read books from the library and declutter my bedroom ruthlessly at least once a month. My house has been another story. Since getting married I just can't seem to get the entire house under control. So I'm excited to try some of these methods and see how it goes!

I pretty much devoured this book in about three days. I could have read it in less, but I had to start organizing, you know? I started with clothes and went through our closets. And so far, they are still organized and really easy to keep that way. They are my favorite part of the house right now, I keep opening the doors and staring. My one little corner of order. But hopefully soon that will change and the rest of the house will be as inviting!

Next I went through all our is our weakness. Britton and I are book collectors. It's so hard to let go of books. But I did find myself letting go more easily of several books I most likely will never read and if I decide to, will borrow from the library. I am amazed at how much guilt left with those books. Having things around that you tell yourself you will get around to someday just leaves me feeling like a failure every time I look at them and realize I haven't done that yet. It also helped me realize, the reason I haven't read some of because I don't want to. I also got rid of some ugly books. Is this crazy? But seriously, I never let myself buy pretty copies when I already have a perfectly good copy at home. Now I can buy books like this or this and not feel guilty about it. Sheesh I live with a lot of guilt. I did keep more than the book recommended, but books really make us happy and we actually do read books again and again. Plus someday we dream of having a small home library. So for us, I believe it is perfectly fine to hang on to them. 

My house has been turned inside out and it's rather scary right now. But I can already feel the difference and I'm excited to continue going through stuff. My goal is to create a home where things are never lost, and I can spend more time living and doing what I love and less time tidying up and hunting for things while tripping over stuff I don't like anyway. I love pinning pictures of rooms I love on my Pinterest board Homey Things to inspire me in making my home more beautiful and cozy!

Is anyone else in the middle of decluttering right now? What helps and inspires you?



  1. I just read that book too! It was really helpful in giving me the nudge to say goodbye to things I've been hanging on to for no good reason. The books are the hardest part for me too though :)

  2. I am always in a state of declutter...and cluttering....