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Weekend in the Woods

Back in January my husband and I attended a newlywed retreat that some dear friends of ours host every year, and even though we aren't technically newlyweds anymore, they were so lovely to let us come anyway since we missed it the first year we were married as we unexpectedly moved away! Anyhow, at the retreat we played The Newlywed Game and we won...5th place, I think? The prize was a night stay at a lovely cabin in the woods. We finally found the time to go this passed weekend and it was so lovely! Such a nice getaway after a hectic summer! There was a gas fireplace, which I was SO thankful for because Britton and I both can't keep a fire going to save our lives. We really should learn how one day. Survival skills are important, right?

Our cabin was right next to a creek, we walked out on our back deck and this is what you see! It was lovely to listen to while falling asleep! And just gorgeous!

 On the way up we stopped at my favorite place, Sahalie Falls. I took …

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